I need help to write things

I need help with my book so If u r interested in helping me message me

What part do you need help with?

With the dialogue

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Help me with my story please
If u r interested to help me for my story
Message me
I need a co writer and a designer

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Bump! And designer for what? I may be able to help a little bit

For the first page of my book

I can help you with writing

I need help for a story that I’m writting if u r interested message me
Have a nice evening

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Hey! Once again, I’m still happy to help you. :blush:

Would u like to help me writting the story that I’m writing please

Hey how r u ?

I’m great and you?

So do u have idées for the book that we r writing ???

I want that someone help me for the writing If someone interested in creating a story message me

I won’t be able to help you with the actual writing and stuff, since I’m actually working on my own book and episode story at the same time, but I can help you with opinions on your ideas, if you’re fine with it.

So about the dialog I was thinking posseidon : Hey Aria her magisty the queen need to talk to u in the crown room .
Aria: did the queen told u why she have to talk to me ?
Posseidon : i have no idée why she want to talk to u have a nice day Aria .
Queen Auriana : hey Aria I have a mission for u , I know that u r the best person to fulfill this mission .
Aria : What is this mission queen auriana ?
Queen Auriana : the mission is that u have to be the guardian of a young men that named by kirito , and u have to watch him from a far distance , and u can’t be seen by him .
Aria : when do I start this mission my queen ?
Queen Auriana : u will start it Tomorrow have a rest Aria , see u tomorrow Aria .
Aria : see u tomorrow my queen .
Aria went to her house and she relaxed in her bed wile she was relaxing she was having dream of kirito and she felt in love of kirito in her dream , then she woke up and changed her clothes then she join the queen at the gate that is near the human realm .

Tell me what u think

Try fixing the spelling errors. You should also capitalize the first letter of a sentence and in names. I would also recommend using “you” instead of “u”.


Yeah I agree!

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