🦋 I need help understanding choices, points, branching, etc 🦋

Hello! I need help understanding on how to use choices, points, goto, to do branching I’ve read a lot of guides and seen videos and it’s extremely hard for me to understand, I’m not sure why. if anyone can dumb it down for me please and basically give me an understanding of it I would appreciate it. I kinda want to know how to have multiple endings, and I want points to decide who the reader ends up with at the end of the story based on the points they have (I will be having 4 Li) all the help I can get is appreciated! :blob_hearts:

I don’t know if you’ve taken the time to read Dara’s guides but they helped me a lot and this video.:point_down:t3:

And another video you might want to watch.(:

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Yeah I’ve read the guides and still don’t understand :,) thank you though!! :gift_heart:

If u still dont undrstand then

You will have to put choices in your story in order to let the reader win points.


Any dialouge
“Wrong choice”{
readermessage opps you didnt get any point
} “Right choice”{
readerMessage yes!! You got it right!
@LI +1

And same with the other li point system.

And when u have to decide or write the scene where the your want the points to decide then…

if (LI1<LI2){


Ohh, You got me.
} else {


Ohh, you got me.

I hope it clears your doubts even a little?.. :no_mouth:

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Thank you so much :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:, if I want to give points like for example (Harry Potter reference)
I want to give points to a certain things like gryffindor do I have to make a character ‘named’ gryffindor? And then put @gryffindor +2 and @slytherin +3 etc?
(Sorry if I explained it horrible, if you can’t then I’ll explain better haha :sweat_smile: )

Yes, u will have to name your character and put it just like that

hi how do i make my own site like that to tell people my problems? cause i find the coding in writing the script really hard with all numbers and all you write and i dont understand a thing. i dont know where to look to learn how to write a story like popular people who can do like cool things in a story. can someone help me? give me tips on how to learn to write an story good? im new to writing stories on episode so… yeah i dont understand all the number and coding for a scene and stuff.

Hi! I’m with you on that boat when i first started it was pretty difficult to understand, but no worries with time you’ll know how to. so, to start off with the basics like entering and exiting a scene you can look up on YouTube Joseph Evans he has in depth tutorials on how to code scenes properly and he is very easy to understand! but to give you the coding it’ll be

how to code entering and exiting


@CHARACTERNAME enters from left to screen left
@CHARACTERNAME2 exits from right (I believe this is how you do it i cannot remember since I don’t use this haha)

now for spot placement its

@CHARACTERNAME stands screen center

and then on the preview There’ll be an option that says “show helpers” once you click on those, you’ll see an option for spot directing there you can move the characters wherever you want

then at the bottom it’ll say ‘copy’ and you’ll just copy and paste, and it should look like this

@CHARACTERNAME spot 0.315 262 333 in zone 1
@CHARACTERNAME moves to layer 3

and if you want them to do an animation You’ll just put

@CHARACTERNAME spot 0.315 262 333 in zone 1 AND CHARACTERNAME starts animation_name
@CHARACTERNAME moves to layer 3

now I’m sure you know this since you mentioned that you want to do cool things this is just the basics and I’m typing it just in case you don’t know

there are also guides on forums for a bit more of a complicated coding for example for me it’s a dressing game or allowing a player to choose their own names you can go to @Dara.Amarie and she has her own website which is super easy to understand because she also shows pictures

now onto how to create a forum with a question you will click on the three lines on the top of your screen I just click on latest post and on there it’ll give you an option on creating a ‘+new topic’ there you can ask any question you want but make sure its under the right tags I just found this post and they give you a complete guide on forums

the guide on how to use forums

New Forums Member Guide 🙂

I hope this all helps AND I wish you the best of luck on your story and i bet itll be amazing!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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