I need help urgenttt!


So I have the main character named as femaleMc for the script. But I left an option to change her name. How do you make the name that the readers chose to appear on the narrator box.
For example
Narrator (FemaleMc)
“Blah blah blah”

The narrator box name appears as femaleMc and not the name that the reader chose


So when the app asked me what to name the character I chose Royale, but when I use the narrator box The name FemaleMc is the one that appears, how that be changed to Royale or any name that the reader chose


What does your code for naming her say?


It looks something like this in your script:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

Of course, you may have written it a bit differently and perhaps instead of NAME, you used something else.


If this is what your code looks like, you’d change the display name to NAME. Or whatever you used for the code.

So, go to your characters and change the display name. Then save & test it out on your device.



And in script:

Bla bla bla…

FEMALEMC (talk_forward)
Hey, my name is [NAME].

FEMALEMC (talk_greet)
And I’m a badass.

P.S this is just an example (I know I already mentioned this lol) but I hope it helps : )



Go to characters and change FEMALEMC 's display name to FIRSTNAME


I want the blue little box that says FemaleMc to say the custom name that the readers give


it will if you have FIRSTNAME as the display name for FEMALEMC


I fixed it and it worked. Thank you so much!


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