I need help w/ something

What’s a label?

This is all advanced directing and I think you should take the time to read some guides first on what overlays are and how to use them, what tappables are and how to add them, what labels and gotos are and how to use them.


I agree with @Dara.Amarie, you seem to not know a lot of what’s needed to code this scene. I suggest you should read the guides and familiarize yourself with advanced directing before jumping into coding this.


I’ve already read the guides before on what I’m talking about and I don’t understand the guides.

You should check out Dara’s website and her tutorials. She explains everything very well. And Joseph Evans’ YouTube tutorials, his videos helped me a lot when I was a beginner.

Here’s a tutorial on tappables if you need it:

For the

goto start_story

piece of script, after it says “goto start_story”, would I start my story there or what would I do?

No, you have to add a label after the tappables:

After the label you can start writing your story.

Oh okay.

Also, one more thing, after the reader taps the overlay I made, I want the overlay to get really small after the overlay is tapped so how would I code that?

You could use @overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to [insert the size number].

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Oh okay. Thanks!

I tried to do what you told me to do about the
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to [insert the size number]

thing and I’m getting errors about it so I don’t think I can make my overlay spin.

Send your script.

Ok. Just a sec

@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in #

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I think the error is because your overlay isn’t approved yet.

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That’s most likely the case. You can still preview your story on phone. You just can’t publish.

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