I need help w/ something

@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in #

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I think the error is because your overlay isn’t approved yet.

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That’s most likely the case. You can still preview your story on phone. You just can’t publish.

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I copied the code above and I still can’t get my overlay to spin so I’m just gonna give up on the whole overlay thing, it’s too complicated

You said “make the overlay small”, I didn’t know you meant spinning.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates # anchor point x x in T

Rotating an overlay depends on it’s anchor point:

  • anchor point 0 0 is the bottom left of the overlay

  • anchor point 0.5 0.5 is the center of the overlay

  • anchor point 1 1 is the top right of the overlay

  • # is a number between 0 through 360 (like the degrees of a circle)

  • 360 turns the overlay all the way around, which turns it back to 0

  • 180 makes the overlay upside down

After rotating it, you have to loop it so it spins:

To rotate the overlay while it gets smaller, use the & command:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in #

  • # is the time, so you have to set it to the amount of seconds in which you want your overlay to shrink.

So when I put

&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in #

into my script, what do I enter for the percentages?

You have to open the previewer and move your overlay to where you want it, then copy and paste the code into your script.

Oh okay.

So would I put the numbers below as the percentages in the code you sent me?

Not the one that says shifts, the one that says scales. It’s below the shifts command. It should say something like:

@overlay BEACHBUTTON scales to 1.000 1.000

So would it be this code below that I put as the percentages?Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 8.01.19 PM

Yes, the -0.044 -0.044.

Oh okay.

I put the script you told me into my script and my overlay isn’t spinning. It’s not doing anything. All it’s doing is immediately getting smaller so I’m just gonna give up on the whole overlay thing. Thank you for your help today though. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Wait a sec, I’ll make a template you can copy and paste into your script.

I’ve never made an overlay spin before, but I’ll try my best to make the template work. :sweat_smile:

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Oh okay. Thank you so much!! :grin:

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@overlay BEACHBUTTON rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 2
&overlay BEACHBUTTON scales to -0.044 -0.044 in 2

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Omg Your template works! Thank you so much! :grin:

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