I need help with 2 characters hugging

could someone tell me the error in this?
Thank you!

The script should go

@YOU spot ----- AND YOU start hug_neutral_pose

@COACH DELILA spot ------- AND COACH DELILA starts hug_neutral_pose

for hugging its better if you use spot directing

hope this helped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks! oh and when you said AND is that part of the code?


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it’s not working?

One characters poses has to be hug_neutral_loop_rear or hug_neutral_pose_rear because one of the characters has to be facing rear when hugging.

I hope this helps💕

Its @character starts NOT start

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thanks, but one is rear and its not working…

You for got change the @you to starts also don’t forget to spot position them or it will look a Bit weird💕

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You have to put the word stands before screen and change start on line 2145 to starts.
Here’s a helpful guide!

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@YOU walks to screen center AND YOU starts hug_neutral_pose

@COACH DELILA walks to screen right AND COACH DELILA starts hug_neutral_pose_rear

make the script look like this :point_up_2:

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it should actually be ‘walks to’ as they were having a conversation before :relaxed:


If it’s walks to, then the animations should be on the next line

oh yes, i didnt notice that :sweat_smile:

@Maeverie.Rivera make the script

@YOU walks to screen center AND COACH DELILA walks to screen right
@YOU starts hug_neutral_pose AND COACH DELILA starts hug_neutral_pose_rear

for the hug to look more realistic and better you should use spot directing for one character :sweat_smile:



your welcome, let me know if you have any more questions :innocent:

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it worked, thank you so much!

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