I Need Help With 2 Things

Hello. I am working on my story right now.
So, I need help with 2 things:

1) I added choices and there’s something that shows me that there’s an error:

2) I want to let readers options of hairstyles (choosing hairstyle) and I want their choice to be remembered. How can I do this?

It would be great if someone can give me an answer for this :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you and good day (or evening/night) :blush: :grin:

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hey girl. you should check out this thread: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Hello to you too, @lulu3. I have already checked out this thread, and I know how to remember past choices. I just want to know what’s wrong with the part of the choice:

"Maybe I should choose another outfit"
(how is it an error)

In addition, I want to know how do I do the choosing hairstyle part (what to write and how).

label dress_KALI

choice (OUTFIT_1)

"Like I care" {

@KALI changes into KALI_default

#insert script here

} "Maybe I should invest a little " {

@KALI changes into KALI_school

#insert script here

} "Of course I should invest in clothing" {

@KALI changes into KALI_girlyinbeige

#insert script here



Do I want to wear this one?


“It’s perfect!” {

#insert script here

} "Maybe I should choose another outfit" {

goto dress_KALI

Try this <3

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For the hair is it INK or LL?

The hair is for LL version.
By the way, it worked! :smiley:

I’m really not sure but try this…
from dara.amarie

Long hairstyles.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]

"Beach Wave" {

@KALI changes hair into Beach Wave Hair

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Long Braided" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Braided

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Long Dreadlocks" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Dreadlocks

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Feathered" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Feathered

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Long Blunt Bangs" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Straight Loose Bangs Blunt Solid

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Sideswept Bangs" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept Solid

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Straight" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Straight Loose Solid

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Wavy Long" {

@KALI changes hair into Wavy Long

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Wavy Parted" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Wavy Parted Hair

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Feathered Bangs" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Feathered Bangs Blunt

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Braided Dreads Parted" {

@KALI changes hair into Dreads Braided

goto fem_hairLong_1

}"Long Voluminous Curls" {

@KALI changes hair into Long Voluminous Curls Loose

goto fem_hairLong_1


Then like put the ending to conclude the thing

Okay… but will it be remembered if I write this way?


Are you happy with how you look?


<PREMIUM> "Yes, I look gorgeous!" {

@KALI is primp_neutral

} <GREEN> "No, I want to change something" {

goto fem_hairLong_1

Technically yea it should be remembered
I don’t know I’m just guessing…

Wait here before the narrator part in the customization put
label fem_hairLong_1
sorry if I noticed after!

Like writing this way (?) :

label fem_hairLong_1
Are you happy with your look?

“Yes, I look pretty” {
&KALI is (animation)
} “No, I want to change” {

goto fem_hairLong_1


Just want to make sure that I understood it correctly

No like when you choose your hair style

Ah. I get it.
Thank you, @lulu3 :blush: :grinning:

Let me know if it works ! <3 no prob

Look at this, @lulu3

I do not know why, but it shows me that there is an error (the outfit does not exit, or something like that :expressionless:) . I checked it out, and I do not see any error :expressionless:.

I looked at this god knows how many times to make sure that I wrote it correctly:

cause there isn’t hair: It’s just KALI changes into —
but it should be KALI changes hair into—

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