I need help with a back ground please help!

Can you guys help me with a art class room back-ground and a easels overlay please

@amepisode has this in her drive.

what hell do i do sis

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ps love your profile

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click the link, then click her link.tree link to go to her background drive, and thanks :wink:


yes, you can make a thread requesting for a profile picture, or you can check out art threads in the Art Resources category.


how do i get on her drive

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did you click the link.tree link?


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ok, what all did you do first when I send you the link?

click it

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what did it show?

her ig

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ok, do you see a blue link on her profile?


blue link

thanks sorry for being kinda dumb

once you click it, scroll down you will see a label that says something like “backgrounds”


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