I need help with a background edit + overlay!~

Hello there~ In one of the scenes I’m coding shows the main character relaxing in her bathtub from a birds-eye view. I’ve been scouring the internet for clipart/transparents for realistic bubbles/bath water, but it’s hard to find one for a bird’s eye view position and with the details I want.

To be specific, I would like someone with skills in digital art to add in realistic bath water to my background (I’ll include the picture) and have it not contain all the waviness most of the images online do. I’d also like it to not cover the entirety of the tub, but rather make it look half full.

For the overlay, since I don’t want no naked bodies in my good holy story :tired_face: (jk) I would like someone (with skills in digital art, of course) to make an overlay with dense bubbles, but not make it just look like a stretched out rectangle that’s just copied and pasted. (Which is what my attempts look like)

When I mean dense bubbles, I’m referring to those white foamy bubbles that you see a lot of when you hand wash dishes, ya know?

Anyways, I’d really appreciate the help! You can choose either one OR both, but don’t feel pressured to get it done asap~ <3

Here’s the image that I want edited:

Would this work for you as an overlay?

For what she’s looking for, it definitely can. She just have to get rid of the white border and than lower the opacity in the image

Sorry it keeps uploading as a jpeg, PM me if you want it and I’ll send you the link!

Definitely, thank you very much! <3

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