I need help with a background, please

I need help.
So im writing a new story and i wanted to use this background

The problem is that where the shower is there is also like glass infront of it…
Would someone be able to erase that glass?
I will give credit.
Let me know if you can do it.
Thnk you :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I tried to take the glass off, but it didn’t look good.
So I made an overlay for the glass.

Test Result:

I also made an overlay for the mirror :wink:

Open for the Overlayer

For the shower:


Choose one of these for the mirror:

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Thats ok. I can uses the overlays you made :blush::two_hearts: Thank you
As for the mirror im gonna use this one

Thank you again​:two_hearts::two_hearts:
How should i credit you?

I thought of a different solution, now Look at it !

Choose your preferred model :sunglasses:

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Credits is not required.

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Tats perfect. Thank you :two_hearts: