I need help with a character and layers with overlay

I am trying to make my character go between the chair and table, and changes layers for each of them the original one was table 0 chair -1 and character 1 but that didn’t seem to work so I start changing numbers, and my character still not in between. Can someone help me please.

I’m not sure how to help, but maybe reading over this can help you if you pay close attention : HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
Also, maybe try moving the character to later 2, table to 3, and the chair to 1. Good luck!

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did you move the overlays to a certain layer?

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Yes, After that I start messing with the numbers, and can’t get the character in the right place between.

ok move the table to layer 3 the character to layer 2 and the chair to layer 1

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Thanks I looked at it. and it helps. Lol

Can I add two different layers? Like one for walk then walk to it destination to sit.

put the table at layer layer 6
and the character at layer 5

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