I need help with a coding overlay

I’ve added overlays before on the story but I don’t know why this one just isn’t showing up I’ve put the screenshot of the text I used to apply it but it’s not working

just and FYI the background and overlay are different things :slight_smile:

Thank you :heart:

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I recomand to use


that way you dont get that dum 1 second behind on on it appering

also, it might because now for some very dum reason you know have to reload the page to be able to use stuff you uploaded,

yes it suck hate it, dont know why it is like that know


actually if you want can you please make a report around how you have to reload the page to use newly uploaded overlays,


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Yea you were right I just needed to refresh the page :roll_eyes:
But thank you so much for the help!! :heart:


I know you already got your solution to this but when I do/add overlays I do:
@overlay OVERLAY NAME create
@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in 0

Then I spot direct it to the area I want it to be in and possibly rotate it to fit better in frame depending what the scene/vibe is

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