I need help with a cover for my story!


Is that the character ou want 4 u prfile?


okay so it will probably be done some time tonight cause I’m going to the movies in a few minutes…


Hey, I can make a cover for your story if you want! :wink: I also make splashes! Just go to my Instagram and fill out the form that is on my Instagram bio! Here are some examples:


oh, actually I got kinda confused, haha, I gave you the details for the character in the story, but it’s okay! The character is basically the closest I could’ve come if I had made myself in episode, so ye its alright! thanku so much!!


thanku so much! I will definitely check out your Instagram! thank u so much for the reply! What’s your Instagram?


No problem! My Instagram is: daniepisodewriter :black_heart:


thats okay, have fun at the movies! Im Norwegian so I’m going to bed soon, the clock is like 2 am. oof


Any pose and clothes in mind?


@Stellah1 do you still need it?


sorry for late answer, I just woke up. :wink: you can decide both clothes and pose, it doesn’t really matter:) Thanku so much for helping me!


I already have them i’ll pm them to you if you don’t like it it’s ok


I haven’t been that active today, so sorry for the late answer. But ye, if u want to make a cover for me as well, then that would be sooo cool. I know I’m gonna make more than one season, so it would be soo cool if I had different covers for each season:) Since both you and Raybadem has offered to make a cover, it is perfect:) So if u will help me, then THANKU so much!! I really appreciate all the help!


ok thanku! Im sure I will like them:)


Of course, I’ll send you my examples.


I will pm you the examples.


I can help you if you still want, i you do… Check my thread for examples