I NEED help with a COVER!

Whats up guys, Im In the process of getting my very first story together and i have absolutely NO experience in creating my own cover or anything with episode for that matter lol
Would anyone like to help me make it? it would be greatly appreciated!
Your art will be credited of course!

These hotties are my three main characters i’d like them featured on the cover and i was going for something DARK and ARTSY! The girl actually has BLACK hair not fawn. I dont care what position theyre in I DO care about the outfits they all have their own style.

My story has something to do with art (painting) it’d be awesome to incorporate something related to that.

The story is titled “Art Of The Heart”


I can make cover for you just go to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)


ok awesome! thank you

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