I need help with a description for my new story?!

The story is about a young girl and mother get taken by something, she doesn’t know who, but she’s not seen her since. At the age of 16, she finds a book and meets her helper, but suddenly gets found by the very things that took her mother (as she possesses a great power, they want her), she gets pulled into the book and that’s the first episode explained quickly! Any help would be appreciated, thank you to all of those who will (might) give any ideas! Xxx

After the disappearance of her mum, MC gets pulled into something gravely dangerous, the not so innocent book…

Her mum disappeared when she was insert age but now at the age of sixteen she meets a mysterious book who is not all that it claims to be…

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This is really good! I might use this if that’s ok? Would you like to be a character? Xxx :slight_smile:

Oooh! Mysterious! It’s really good!!! I might use this as an intro if that’s ok Xxx

Of course, glad you like it :smile:

It’s really good :heart_eyes:

aha yes absolutely, it’s not my best but I tried :joy: sure if that’s okay? :blush:

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