I need help with a description please!

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Okay, I’m sorry if I come across as chaotic but I’m kind of sort of slightly mildly freaking out because I’ve been working on a story for two darn years and to my surprise (well thank you Episode for your efficiency) but all my overlays and backgrounds have been approved just now, got my cover sorted out but my stupid self has not sorted out the description.

You may ask, why random person with Ned Flanders gif have you not sorted out a description? It is because I cannot write a description to save my life :clown_face:

If you do help out with my description, if you want to be credited in my story - then I’m more than happy to do so!

Well, here is the plot lol:

  • This is about Lalit Kapoor, a young man who broke up with his first love and ended up getting together with a rebound (that was not so sneakily arranged by his parents, they conspired them to meet at a ‘convenient’ time).
  • Background info: Lalit tends to be very confident, sarcastic and people look up to him - however, he hides a lot of how he feels.
  • The rebound and Lalit end up getting married but on the wedding day, he gets cold feet and realises that he cannot pretend to love this woman. No matter how hard he tries.
  • He ends up running away from his wedding and ends up in a random town where he meets Naija, a kind stranger
  • Lalit wants closure because the reasons behind his arranged marriage are shrouded in secrecy so he starts uncovering lots of family secrets
  • Naija and Lalit’s lives become more connected as the story progresses and Lalit begins to fall for Naija but something stops Naija from requitting these feelings just yet

I hope somebody can help since I’m so hopeless in making darn descriptions lol :heart:

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Me rn realising I’m going to have to publish lol but if you need more info regarding the story, just ask on this thread or PM me

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Okie, I have an idea coming through lol - sorry for the horrendous spam but maybe something like

“Wedding days are meant to be the happiest and most memorable day of your life. This isn’t the case for Lalit as he runs away from his wedding.”

Then nothing comes out of me after lol

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When Lalit escapes from his marrigane, he founds a stranger girl who brings him back. Little does he know, he will see her more often. Love and secrets await.

Is this good?

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I like it - I’ve got all these random ideas jumping around in my mind but I think I’ll incorporate what you said in my ideas :heart: Thank you for answering btw, I greatly appreciate it!!

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@Sydney_H Can you please close this thread as I finally managed to think up of a description? Thank you in advance!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: