I need help with a description ☹️

Hey! I need help with my description for my story. Here the details:

The title is Droid.

Brief description: Mc applies to work for a droid company and then she gets kidnapped by the boss from the company and turned into a droid. Later on she meets another “droid” just like her that has had the same thing happened. If you need anymore details let me know. :white_heart:

Max 180 characters please

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@pilot lol im dumb srry :crazy_face:

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description 1

Working with lifeless droids was on top of [MC NAME]'s bucket list, but what she did not know was how a simple job could turn her life, literally, upside down. Especially when you’re forced to turn into a droid. Could this journey become even more messier when you meet another droid?

description 2

Creating and working with droids was her job, but what she did not sign up for was to turn into a droid herself, especially when she isn’t the only one…

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I really love these! Thank you so much. :white_heart:

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