I need help with a description

So I have ideas for a decription but I just want to make sure I have a good story
The title I have for my story is Ruthless
The description I have already written She’s the daughter of the most ruthless mafia boss, what happens when she’s arranged to marry they’re worst enemy? I don’t want my story to sound to cliche and if you would read a story like this plz let me know.


When the daughter of the most ruthless mafia boss in the business is arranged to marry their sworn enemy…
Will the arrangement end in disaster? Or be a useful union?

Sorry it’s not very good :joy:

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I can think of one but can you please just tell me the MC names?

No I actually really like that. It’s not bad thanks :smile:

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No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

yea a couple of them are: Mark, Samuel, Emily, and Isabelle (those are just the main characters)

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Ok well maybe you can have ‘As a test on whether or not -MC- is loyal to her gang, she is forced to go through many trials, one of which is to marry her sworn enemy - of whom wishes nothing of the sort.’

Sorry if it’s bad (eg. too long) but I don’t really read those type of stories… I really do hope you find an amazing description to fit your story (which’ll turn out incredible)!Good luck!

Thanks i hope to find one too. It’s not too long either it also sounds very interesting. :slight_smile: