I need help with a glitch!

I have been writing and re reading my stories before I publish them and I have not had a any issues with episode. My readers keep telling me this: " hey Tif it froze in the shower" or “hey Tif the story froze when Sam is showering in episode 14, other than that I love your story.” I don’t know how to fix it. Can someone please help? Because I never had this issue until recent. And I am not blaming episode the app but, wondering how to fix it. Any advice please tell me.

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Just in case it is a script error that you aren’t catching, can you post a screen shot of the script of where it is freezing?

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They say it freezing in the shower. I can try since my laptop doesn’t take screen shots I will have to do it on my phone. And the thing is my best friend reads it and has no issues and others do. I don’t know why so I am pretty sure it isn’t the script but, I could be wrong.

do you have any overlays or overlay loops around/ in the shower scene?

Yeah overlays. Question what do you mean by overlay loops???

Ok, can you just screenshot the script area where it stops?

Well I am not sure because everyone says it stops in the shower and I am not sure where in the shower. All they say is that is glitches and I don’t know why because my friends read it and it happens to 2 people out of everyone and I don’t know what to do I re wrote the scene and then published it and it still glitches and I am not sure but, I will screen shot where it stops but, it never shows me because it works fine for me.

Maybe all of the shower scene you can screenshot?

Okay I will send it all of that scene hold on a sec.

Well my best friend just said her story has a glitch and she doesn’t have any overlays so I don’t know if it’s the app or what now.

If it’s not everyone then I’d say it’s the app and not your coding… You could maybe submit a support ticket?
I have a story that a lot of people have had crash on them. I submitted a ticket but was told that it’s not my fault and some older devices may not like my coding :woman_shrugging:

Oh okay and yeah I sent a email to episode and everything a little while ago today. That makes since. Thanks for helping me understand. :blush: