I need help with a hopefully really cool scene, note in photo album

So the tittle sorta summarizes it but basically I have this really cool scene idea in my head and I would really really appreciate the help.
Okay, I need a note that reads “Thornsville Pennsylvania, 1988”
It should be written to look like it’s written on the back of a photo that was taken out of the album.
As for the photo, I can provide the characters all I require is the help of a super creative/ talented creator who can make it look like an old photo overlay.
Thank you so much to whoever can help. I will ABSOLUTELY give credit!!

do you mean like a polaroid or just an old rectangular photograph?

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I pictured a rectangle photo but Polaroid would would just as well:)

okay just to be clear, you would like the note and the photo overlay as two separate overlays?

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The note would be on the back of the picture so yes to overlays front and back!

got it :+1:

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Great! As for the photo it’s old and black and white. Taken in front of a tiny shop and there are three people two young girls and a slightly older man standing in front of the shop. The girls have red hair. The picture was taken a long time ago so the chat gets will look different then they do in the present. Hopefully that makes it easier.

did you already make the characters?
could you send me a picture?

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I have the older characters made but I didn’t go around to making their younger selves yet so if it would be easier I can just let you create what they would look like I’m not that picky. However if it’s easier I can definitely send a photo

yeah that would be helpful lmao

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Haha okay give me a sec!

Here's the note:


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Oh wow! It’s perfect!!! Thank you so much :blush:

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no problem lmao

just hang tight for the other one; you might get it tomorrow :sweat_smile:

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Okay perfect! Take your time. I wanted to make a quick note that for the picture showing the two girls and man I wanted to appear as if it was taken from farther away as to show the whole store front, and of course black and white.
Thank you again!!

hey i finished up the artwork!

I probably should have warned you my art style is that of a comic book’s, so I get it if it wasn’t quite what you had in mind, but I still hope you like it!




WOW. It’s AMAZING!! I love your art style!!! :star_struck:
Thank you soo very much!!!

no problem and please let me know when you publish your story so I can check it out :upside_down_face:

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Will do! :grin:

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