I need help with a kissing scene

This keeps happening i have tried to fix it, any suggestions?

You need to hit the spot directing and move your girl up front by changing the layer.
@GIRL moves to layer 4

Hope that helps


@YOUNG spot 1.280 87 30 in zone 1
@LITTLE spot 1.226 271 79 in zone 1
@YOUNG moves to layer 2
@LITTLE moves to layer 3
#I made it so that Little is also a layer above layer 2 which is the layer that Young is on because Layer 3 will make her in front of him instead of behind.
#I moved Little over a little bit because she was too far away from him, a little advice is that they SHOULD be on the same spot together of really close if you are going to do a connected sequence like this.

Hope this helps :heart:

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No problem, happy to help.