I need help with a overlay appearance. This is for LL

I need help for my overlay to appear in time, but it doesn’t appear at all. How can I fix this. I place it in the right spot too.

@overlay BLUSHLEFT create
@overlay 6601234979028992_BLUSHLEFT shifts to 31 124
@overlay 6601234979028992_BLUSHLEFT scales to 0.415 0.415
@overlay BLUSHLEFT opacity 0

@pause for a beat

@overlay BLUSHLEFT opacity 1

You need to put in zone _ after the shift command -
@overlay BLUSHLEFT shifts to 31 124 in zone #

And try putting
@overlay BLUSHLEFT opacity 1 in 0 - you can replace the 0 with however many seconds you like so it fades in rather than pop onto the screen :slight_smile:

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So only have one opacity? For that part.

:pray: thanks

You can have both it doesn’t matter :slight_smile: as long as there is a pause between

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