I need help with a overlay

Only 31-38 with issueI understand how to format it, but between line 31 - 38 I have a issue making the bug fly around I remove the easebouncein out as well, and add pause and no pause. Any suggestions? I try watching video, and reading the guide, but I place the bug where I wanted to be at first it came out perfect after line 31-38 it doesn’t seem to move, and if I try to fix it it goes to the wrong spot. Any help will be nice. Thank you.

Try adding a time to the code on line 34 and line 37. Also, you don’t need the scales codes on line 35 and 38 (since the scale isn’t changing.)
line 31
@overlay GREENBUG2 shifts to 142 422 in 2
@overlay GREENBUG2 shifts to 93 376 in 2
@overlay GREENBUG2 shifts to 71 427 in 2

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It still the wrong spot I want it to go to the first spot
&overlay 6601234979028992_GREENBUG2 shifts to 42 469 in 3 using easein
&overlay 6601234979028992_GREENBUG2 scales to 0.081 0.081

than the other shifts but it keeps going to the last shifts first then stop.

Thanks for the suggestion, but do you have any more suggestions?


try to put @pause for 0.5 on line 24 (on first screenshot)

It shouldn’t matter if I put the pause there, but I try it anyway it still don’t work.

you have & for both of them so it does matter, because both of this commands play at the same time until pause

It didn’t work.

Where you have @pause for a beat - put @pause for 3 instead

for which line?

Never mind it work. Thank you love.

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