I need help with a phone background please

hi people, i need someone to create me a phone background i need one that has 2 missed calls and 2 new messages and then i need one that shows the message name. If someone could do that it would be amazing and i will credit you in my story. Message me or comment on the post and i will tell you more and give names etc. Thankyou!!

You can find extra backgrounds here:

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Your a gem thankyou! :smile: xox

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Anytime happy to be of help :slight_smile:

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Hi can you get me picture of love and romantic dram need your help .

You need a picture of romance and drama?

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And please pm me instead. This is a thread not appropriate for this conversation. I understand that you are new, but please read the thread first before you post

I don’t want Mass this no more can you post.

What kind thread where need go read it.

I pm-ed you please look at it