I need help with a scene😭😭 and I'm getting super frustrated here

Hey everyone as you all know coding a story is really really difficult especially if it’s your first one (btw this is my situation) So in case you don’t already know I’m writing my very first story and coding it is basically torture and the fact that I have no knowledge of coding whatsoever is NOT helping matters.

Don’t you think you should have a co writer? Is what you’re probably wondering right?

(lol if you weren’t wondering that please ignore or just roll with it)

Well the thing is I do have a co writer and there’s a particular place that she doesn’t know how to code so I’m asking you all for help

Don’t laugh at me for this

You know when you’re in a field and you’re doing a race with other students can anyone please teach me the command for a scene like that or you can just dm me on IG as starg_azer12345 or stargazer1.episodes

Big thank you to those who contributed and I can give you credit if you want


can you just describe what exactly you need hepl with?
Maybe show me the script you have for that scene so far?


It’s LL by the way

Imagine you’re in school gym class to be specific and the gym teacher tells the students to run around the field in what is something like a track race and you’re racing with about 4 people how exactly do I make them run all at the same time

to make more character to do action in the same time you use command &

all with & happens with @ or dialogue under it

so when you want 4 person to runn on spot (if you have looping background of the feeld)

&CHAR_A is run_animation
&CHAR_B is run_animation
&CHAR_C is run_animation
@CHAR_D is run_animation


Thank you so much do you want credit for it

no you really dont have to credit me for this. :smiley:

Ok but thanks anyway

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hey, i would love to be ur proof reader!

Omg thanks I’ll contact when I’m ready

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