I need help with a scene please :blob_hearts:

I can code and create overlays, but I’m having trouble imagining a fight scene and this is a major part of the story so I’d really appreciate help :blob_hearts:

It depends on how serious the argument is, and who the characters are. For example:

A fight between two girls who are mortal enemies: Lots of slapping and shrieking
A fight between two guys fighting for a girl who they both love: Punching and lots of angry words (“She’s mine!”)
A fight between a parent and her rebellious teenager: Eye-rolling, dirty looks, and yelling

I mean a serious fight between two people- similar to gang members- about a bomb

I guess they’ll have to say lots of rude words, maybe even swearing if you want to intensify the fight

If they are very violent people, you may also want to involve punching/slapping

sorry if I’m not much help

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It’s alright! Thank you for the help! :heart:

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