I Need Help With A Scene

how do I only show the legs of a character in a scene?

Place your character first, then use the camera to focus on their legs. Are you trying to show the character walking or?

no just standing holding a gun its for a clifhanger

So you want the focus on the legs or the gun? They both use the same concept anyway, if you click camera, there’s a zoom and focus tool, use those to adjust to where you want to zoom.

how do I get my character to lay on the bed ive tried everything

Under show helpers, do you see the button spot directing? Click on that then move the characters around accordingly.

This will give you the exact points to put your characters:

im using the bistro from luxe.episode I cant do the zooming part where my three main characters talk Arianna is the waitress taking their order I need it to zoom on them when their talking

Send me your code, I’ll have a look at it.

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