I need help with a scene


HELP! id like to do a scene at the bar with one of my characters behind the bar as a bartender and a few characters on the other side of the bar talking but im not sure how to do that.


If you send me a pic of the bar I can make an overlay of the actual bar bit and then your character will be able to stand behind it I think :joy:

If you do, please request it on my thread for requests… here’s the link:


I know this is a bit late, and you have prob already requested, but I had requested the same thing earlier this year, and here.

and just in case you need a bar seat


Thank you so much! I’ll keep this in mind if i ever need the same help!


Ahh thank you so much!!!


maybe this will help too :slight_smile: good luck!


haha thank you so much!


Moved to Art Resources. :wink: