I need help with a script (spot directing)

so i need help with placing my people in chairs and having some standing to the side
i need 3 in people in the chairs and 4 standing to the side
if anyone can make a scripted for that plz do bc i really need it heres the background i am using

I can help you… when you say standing to the side, do you mean at the left of the background?


Okay. I’m on it… Will send you the screenshot of the characters first… If its the way you want it, I will send you the coding for it.

Screenshot (81) Screenshot (82)

OMG I’m so sorry. I forgot to ask you, INK or Limelight… This is of INK. Is this okay?

mine is in limelight and that looks fine the way they stand but it just needs to be in limelight

Okay… the spots differ a bit for limelight… but I need to ask you… the characters are just random characters for your story? Or they are characters from the story?

Screenshot (85) Screenshot (86)

Is this okay? Do you want the standing characters more spread out? Like in the lawn area aswell? or this is fine?

that is fine it looks good

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Okay then… I’m glad… I’m sending you the coding now


@CHAR1 spot 0.659 206 336 in zone 1 AND CHAR1 faces right
@CHAR2 spot 0.677 138 324 in zone 1

@CHAR3 spot 0.633 273 349 in zone 1
@CHAR4 spot 0.678 60 312 in zone 1 AND CHAR4 faces right

@CHAR5 spot 0.605 63 284 in zone 2 AND CHAR5 faces right
@CHAR5 is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop

@CHAR6 spot 0.650 217 267 in zone 2 AND CHAR6 faces left
@CHAR6 is idle_sit_neutral_loop

@CHAR7 spot 0.461 276 378 in zone 2 AND CHAR7 faces right
@CHAR7 is idle_sit_sad_loop

@slow pan to zone 2

@pause for a beat

@slow pan to zone 1
@pause for 5

You can change the names accordingly, if you have characters already. And add animations to each of them too.

I hope it was what you needed. If you need help with anything else, feel free to ask me… :slight_smile:

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