I need help with a script

Hello episodians,
Im here requesting help with a script
I need the script to look over the shoulder in LL if you know what i mean pls help me!!!


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I’m not sure if this works for limelight as well but here’s a link that may or may not help!

I need one LL

I think you would have to place them in certain places. I’m not to sure how to explain it, and I can’t send you an example

But you could do something like:

@CHARACTER is idle_rear

Put the character in the spot you want, like if you wanted it on the left put it there


@CHARACTER2 faces right

Then ya know that character in the spot

I hope I did an okay job explaining :sweat_smile: id show u but I can’t :disappointed_relieved:

I have a tutorial on IG for over the shoulder scenes (INK) You can use the ink templates, just change the animations
My Instagram is @jade.epi

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