I need help with a story Cover


Hello, I have published my story only 2 hours ago and I forgot to make a Cover but the problem is that I don’t know how to make a cover:(
Can someone please help me make a cover to my story?

Male/Female or Both : Female
Note: If you want for both please copy paste this and fill out for both thank you <3
SkinTone: Beige gold
Eyes: Female Generic
Eyes Color: Green Emerald
Hair: Beach Wave Hair
Hair Color: black
Nose: Defined Natural
Faceshape: Diamond
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty
Lipstick or Natural Lip Color: Pink Beige Matte
Eyebrows: Arched Natural
Eyebrows Color (Lime light): Black Jet
Outfit: RippedLeggingsSimple Grey Black, Quilted Pattern Panellins Belted Open Leather Jacket Grey black, Lace Sleeveless Undershirt Satin Yellow Cream, Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black
Cover Size (ex banners,or mention the size with panels so I won’t be confused): 570x859
Character length options (full,waist,face,or spotlight): full lengt

imageimage.jpg837x518 124 KB
Text Optional: "Hollywood Famous, (LIMELIGHT)
Pose or the standbys: Stands in the middle of the screen with the (animation ex) idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
And the background can be anything that you like but can you have the Character that I wanted to have as a cover for my story as well in this cover but this time add one pair of head phones?
“This story uses sound”


maybe @ChayChay can help


Hey Episode Studios can help you xx do you want to pm about it ? X


I would love to help you!!! I can have it one asap for you… :grin:


Hi @Jonna has anyone helped you yet? I don’t wanna start it if someone else already has… thanks in advance for understanding


Can anyone help me with cover art?


Hi I am from @Episode-Diamonds! We would love to help you, please click this link! Also due to the fact that it is past 2 a.m. for me it will be a bit before anyone can start. But please fill out what you want on the tread and we would love to do your work! Also there are examples


Yes We do! EpisodeStudio has done a lot. I have examples on my insta… @Chay_episode_615

And you can check out the EpisodeStudio Epic thread for more examples…

Thank you

~Prez of EpisodeStudio


@ChayChay I believe someone in @Episode-Diamonds is doing it… idk for sure


Let me check our thread!


For which one? Lol thanks for letting me know


Np, and the cover requested by @Jonna


@Jonna, @Episode-Diamonds is currently working on your cover! It is almost done, I believe one of the girls was having a problem with her program but it is working now! I will ask our president when it should be done, I don’t think it will be long, for when she posted status, yours is labeled almost done.

                                              Thank you,


So I can do @dantzlerreione1 then?? When they respond?


we have we have done alot of request we just love helping people


Y’all took the other one from me… cant y’all let us at EpisodeStudio have some too… that’s why I asked to do that one


Let @ChayChay do this one if she wants. We are doing @Jonna’s so let @EpisodeStudio do this one.


Thanks @MadisonW my ladies are ready for some work too… lol they keep asking me to find stuff and every time I do y’all are working on them… so thank you for understanding!!


I understand completely! I contacted our prez and she said you could do it!


Thanks hun!! Tell the prez I said thanks too… I’m not trying to have drama so sorry if it seemed that way… just trying to be fair with everyone