I need help with a story discription

My story is about a girl that moves from Italy to California and she meets the guy of her dreams, when they get to know eachother hes super over protective, not crazy, abusive, but hes just scared something will happen to her, shes super popular and hes not, like hes not nerdy but hes a bad boy that everyone thinks won`t make it far.

Could you maybe describe what happens further in the story? Or what’s your story’s title? I’d be happy to help

The story title is Dont give in, I really dont have a plan. loll

That’s a great title! Do you have the names of your characters?

Female: Asher
Male: Rhett

Those are cool, unique names. Are these characters in high school, college?

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MC is a nurse, at a hospital (Out of college)
LI is a Police Officer (Out of college)

Is there a main conflict to the story?

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Ummm, Well He has a kid, the baby`s mom is super into LI still, so she just acts crazy all the time. Cliche I know but I see that all the time in reality lol. but the MC just lost her mom and baby brother in a airplane crash and so her personality kinda changes due to that YOLO is her new phrase lol.

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Ok. How about something like, “After a tragic accident kills both her brother and mother, young nurse Asher lives her life with a free spirit. But what kind of drama will ensue when she meets Rhett, a protective, bad boy cop with a clingy ex AND a child?”

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that is amazing, thank you soo much!!! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

No problem. I’m glad I could help!

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Seems unique so far! Sounds like a good general plot! Also, at least for me, bad boys are so overused and when I see them in a story I exit.

Also I don’t understand how the Mc is out of college,( so probably like in her 20’s) and her mom recently had a baby…? That’s the only thing big that didn’t make sense. So hope that helps!

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Hes not like a usual bad boy, hes like just from a rough place and fights all the time and just is rough with everyone, I didnt know to describe it lol but hes not like a player f boy lol just from a rough place
He wasnt a baby lol I shouldve probably said little brother but he was about 16

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That makes more sense. I was gonna say if he was a baby than there would be some complications lol

And yeah that also makes sense with the sorta bad boy kind thing lol

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Lol i hate the player thing, Most the time the big bad guys are loyal and not a hoe loll

WOW! That was so great you have such a good way with words, I was wondering if you could help me out in making my description if that’s not too much to ask.


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I’d be happy to help you

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Thank you for helping me I greatly appreciate it :heart_eyes: ! So my plot is that the mc is in the mafia but her father died so she becomes the heir to her fathers mafia but she encounters a problem, her love interests dad wants to take over her cartel because he thinks she’s weak so he sends his son (also the love interest) to kill the mc but then they end of falling for each other and they end up being secret lover. Ohh and if this helps the mc’s mom left her when she was born so she only has her dad until he died…

Nice plot! Just one question: how does the mc know the love interest or the love interest’s father? Was her father partners with the LI’s dad?