I need help with a story discription

Thank you for helping me I greatly appreciate it :heart_eyes: ! So my plot is that the mc is in the mafia but her father died so she becomes the heir to her fathers mafia but she encounters a problem, her love interests dad wants to take over her cartel because he thinks she’s weak so he sends his son (also the love interest) to kill the mc but then they end of falling for each other and they end up being secret lover. Ohh and if this helps the mc’s mom left her when she was born so she only has her dad until he died…

Nice plot! Just one question: how does the mc know the love interest or the love interest’s father? Was her father partners with the LI’s dad?

Can one of you review my story real fast and tell me how it is??

So the mc’s dad ran business with the love interest dad the plot twist is that the love interests dad killed the mc’s dad and both of their kid go to the same high school but the mc doesn’t know that the love interest is even in the mafia.

Ok. What are the main characters’ names?

Lithid and Ace

Nice names! How about, "After her father’s death, Lithid finds herself as the heir to his mafia. But when an opposing mafia attempts to dethrone Lithid from her position, what kind of drama and danger will she face when she falls in love with Ace, a member of that rival mafia?

OMG Thank you so much this is amazing how do I credit you? :scream: Do you have Insta?

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I actually haven’t made an insta for episode yet, but you can credit me with my forum name @brandon_episode


And I’m glad I could help!

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Thank you once again you’re a true lifesaver and will do if you need help let me know and I will try to assist you as much as I can.:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::upside_down_face:

No problem lorena! I actually just made my insta now lol. Just setting up my bio and stuff

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Nice, let me know what your insta is so I credit you on the forums and on my insta as well.

My instagram is @brandon__episode

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I just followed you I’m @lorena.epy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you lorena! I followed you back

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