I need help with a story idea!

Hey, guys

I need help coming up with story idea. I new to episode and I’m all out of ideas, I keep coming up with ideas in my head but it doesn’t seem right. If you would like to help. Please leave your story idea . It can be any genre. Thanks :sparkling_heart:

How about you start with what you initially planned? it’s not the best to take plots from other people tbh.

Yeah, I was thinking of creating a game show type of story but I don’t know what’s it going to be about because I’m was doing a story called The Power Within but I need to get some of the background review and I don’t want to wait until they review because that might take days

In order to make a great story you definitely will need to upload some custom overlays and backgrounds, so don’t worry about it too much. A game show sounds interesting, but requires a lot of coding and patience, as there will be different branches and different outcomes. Firstly, what are the contestants competing for? What’s the purpose of this game show?

Yeah, I know. For the game show. I was thinking that the main character doesn’t like reality show because she think it’s all with fake people but the sister likes reality shows so one of the sister favorite game show is on and they are doing adutions. The sister is all excited and she enters the the main character instead of hers and the purpose is that who ever wins will be in a actress in a movie. That’s was what I thinking but it’s still needs some work

I like the idea. You mentioned that the winner will get to be an actress. Why be an actress? Why not walk away with money or maybe score a date with an idol? Does the game prove that the winner is a good actress? Why and how? And also look at the character development. You mentioned that the MC hates these shows because the people are fake. Will the MC find good friends from the show? Or is it true to her expectations? How about an enemy who wants to stop you and your Sister from winning? Or maybe something really bad happens during the show. Maybe it’s caused by the producer or a participant? Then what will happen? Will it pull everyone closer or further? How about making your Sister a suspect? Etc etc, these rare all ideas I came up on the spot so yeah. Hope this helps!

Yeah it helps but do I have to worry about coming up with the tiltle or wait until I have the first three episodes done and should there be a love interest in the game show that helps the main character prove that that not all people in Hollywood are fake people

It would be great if there’s 2 love interests, one male one female. Or you could let em choose their preference. Bait the title, whenever you have the inspiration just save it tbh, if u have no idea u can alw ask for suggestions on the forums.

There are some story ideas here if you want to check them out.

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