I need help with a story name


I need help finding a story name for my new story
Here’s the info:
Kennedy Jones thought her past would never come up
Again but oh was she wrong! Her past and her present are both Againist her.
I was thinking “99 Problems”


Past Vs Present
The fight of time


Memory Lane, When The Past Attacks (IDK, I suck with names… XD)


Pasting through the Present


Thanks fo the great story names! I haven’t decide witch one tho. I’m stuck between Memory lane, the fight of time, and when the last attack’s!


past coming into present.
When time evolves

Idk i’m bad with titles…

  • Staying Secrets- A Battle With Time
  • Staying Secrets- A Battle With Life
  • Staying Secrets- Battle Lies


When I chose a title it would mean a lot if y’all read my story! :grin:


Let us know what title you chose :grin:


I chose the fight of time!
Thanks for the help guys!
@Teahwalker would u like me to include you as a character in my story? I would love to have you as the MCs best friend!


@Teahwalker if u do plz tell me what u want the character to look like
Like gender
Skin color
Hair and color



Great! I’ll give you a shout out for the name and the character!