I need help with a story title give me ideas

Hey guys so I’m witting a story and I need story title here.

Description : Kennedy thinks her life is perfect until she come crossing path with the ultimate Aiden Blake a sexy, hot guy who hides dark secret.

Thank you xo 🫶🏼


Well, what’s the story mainly about? School related? Mafia? Is there a specific plot? What’s his dark secret? The title could hint at it. :thinking: I could come up with some if I had more of an idea what it was about :sweat_smile:

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I would need a more brief description to properly come up with a title but here’s what I got from what you already described -


Uncovering Aiden Blake

Sorry, if they are bad!


Hey @lovely_butterfly1! How are you? Hope you are doing well. Here are my suggestions;

  • “The Perfect Deception”
  • “The Forbidden Temptation”
  • “The Dark Charisma”

Hope you like them! Have a good day :hugs::two_hearts:

Thank you guys for some title I will choose one of them. 🫶🏼☺️

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