I need help with a story title

I’m making a new story about crime/drama anyone help?


Give disruption please so we can better help

What’s it about?

The mitchells who are a dangerous family. All they care about is eachother filled with lies and betrayal. They all have atwisted way of to show the love and respect for eachother. When the oldest daughter goes on a mission and an old flame appears from her past but can she ignore her past and be the cold hearted wild self that she’s always been.
thats just a breif of it

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Loves, lies and betrayal

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Thank you hun

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Maybe Twisted Lies or even Twisted Betrayal.

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what’s the main idea? the twisted ways of the family or the oldest daughter and her old flame?

So the throughout summary is that their eldest daughter goes on a mission and encounters an old flame and couldn’t seem to ignore her twisted dark past. Could you provide more information, like who the old flame may be? Her grandfather or ancestor or her ex?

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