I Need Help with an animated Intro

Hey! I’d love so help. I’ve attempted my own intro (welp!):confused: I’m pretty much giving you free rein the following info is guidelines. :blush: Although there is one overlay and a few backgrounds that I would like in there as I love them so much. It could fit at end somewhere idk
Your name: Niamh
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): @NDWrites_Episode (Insta)
Story name: God’s Daughter
Genre of story: Fantasy
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): A series of obstacles in the way of the two crowns. The prince of hell and the princess of heaven. Mors and Dea. Will they find love and Happiness or will old disputes rise between households. (Sorta like a forbidden love story)
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.)Dea (god’s daughter) white and innocent possibly show in heaven and clouds. Mors (Devils son ) A evil bad boy. maybe show in hell or doing evil stuff Idk. Use fire ?
Would you like me to add sound? Yes please
Would you like me to add: “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc…”? No thank you
If yes, how many chapters are you planning to write?
Any additional information: Can the 2 main characters be in it please if its not to much trouble.




By @Sofia.M

Warning Background

Sound Background

Episode Background

Thx :heart_eyes::kissing_heart: NDWrites

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Hi do you make splash for episode 1

No the Episode splash was made by @eden.episode


You need an animated intro? Like Fine Line or Adrenaline if you read them or something else

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They are good and i’d accept something like that. But ideally something like the intro used a little later on for The gangs. But i have no preference. Like I said it’s free rein


How about rose petals falling with the girl infront? Rose petals will move.

Its free rein do what you think will look best. Just note she’s a angel and he’s a demon the crowned prince of hell and shes the princess of heaven.

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I have a very big plan, if you choose mine, you may have to upload over 20 overlays though :sweat_smile:

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That’s fine you’d just have to tell me the names you use with a pic. I so thankful for your help.

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Oh if you want my opinion at any point message me on insta @NDWrites_Episode. I’ll reply as soon as i can

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Hey! i hope im not too late but I no longer need the intro for that particular story as the plot took an unexpected change sorry