I need help with an description!



Hi! I need help with an description for my story called “eli.” The summary of the story is:
Elijah and Ivan meet up through friends and they slowly get to know eachother. As they get more close and get into a relationship, things slowly go downhill while their relationship comes to an end. I already wrote dialogue for the intro of the story, so if that helps:

ELIJAH: My bedroom feels warm, but it’s cold outside. I can tell because of the fog on the windows. It makes me realize that there are things you know, but can’t accept… and that there are things you can feel, but can’t explain.
VAN: I almost thought that our presences went hand in hand, like a slow dance that compliments a piece of music. But the sad reality is that we were only two souls toying with each other’s lives… changing our reality so we can fit ourselves into it.
ELIJAH: If I had the choice, I would’ve chosen to be young forever. Not to become immortal out of greed, but to try again. To see if there was another way. And keep trying over and over to see if it works. Maybe, if I could choose, I wouldn’t have to live with the realization that our love wasn’t strong enough to keep us anchored down. Instead, the ships have sailed away.
IVAN: You were the cold outside.
ELIJAH: And you were the warmth in my bedroom.

I also wrote a small description and i don’t know if I like it, but it’s
"And as our love is close to failure, we try going to the ends of the earth to try to repair the unfixable."


1.Two separate lives one story. Friends, lovers, and not to mention chaos. Will they be able to make it through the drama, advice, and hardships before they completely fade?

2.Two separate lives one chaotic story. Pandemonium rises between two lovers. Will they vouch for their love or will their spark soon fade?

3.Two separate lives one chaotic story. Scarifies, chaos, and drama. Unconditional love is it worth it?

4.Two separate lives one toxic love story. Pandemonium rises along with scarifies, chaos, and hardships. Will they make their unconditional love forever burn or will it fade and all turn to ashes?


ooo, I love all of those! I’ll bookmark it :heart: