I need help with an error i don't understand!

It says there are no matching } what am i doing wrong? ----------> if (chose_honest) {

    ISA (talk_neutral)
Hello Lilly, I'm an android, I'm here to help your father with his work.

    LILLY (talk_excited)
You're so beautiful!

    ISA (talk_neutral)
I've been build this way, your father made me look like this.

    LILLY (talk_excited)

readerMessage +1 point Lilly

readermessage relationship Lilly: acquaintances

    MICHEAL (talk_gesture)
Lets go to the kitchen, the food is probably almost ready.

    LILLY (talk_excited)
Okay dad!


elif (chose_caring) {

readerMessage Care mode activated

    ISA (talk_happy_smile)
Hello Lilly I've heard about you.

    LILLY (talk_excited)
Really, cool.

    ISA (talk_happy_smile)
How are you Lilly?

    LILLY (talk_happy_agree)
I'm good, and you?

    ISA (talk_happy_smile)
I can feel how you want me to feel.

    LILLY (talk_arms_crossed)
I'm asking you how you are.

    LILLY (talk_gesture)
How you feel.

    ISA (talk_neutral)
How i feel...


    LILLY (talk_awkward)
Ow i should go.

    LILLY (wave_extreme)

readerMassage +1 point Lilly

readerMassege relationship Lilly: She likes you.

@ISA faces left

    MICHEAL (talk_excited)
Lets go to the kitchen.

readerMassage | color:silver | UNLOCKED: | color:black | How do i feel?

readerMassage A step closer to thinking


First error I noticed from glancing at it= it should say readerMessage : )

Actually, you messed up on readerMessage quit a bit :sweat_smile:
I encourage you to go through this script and change any errors for it : )

Ow i didn’t see that thanks for telling me