I need help with an idea

Not sure if this is in the right place, so if it’s not please tell me and I’ll move it. Anyway, I need a new idea for part of an episode I’m writing. Basically. the MC and her mum are chilling outside and sunbathing, but the mum goes inside and something happens to the MC.

I had it as the MC’s eyes are closed, then she feel something cold on her stomach. She thinks it’s her mum putting an ice cube on her, but it turns out to be a gun. I don’t know why the guys there, maybe he escaped an asylum or prison or something? Maybe he’s just crazy? Anyway, she stalls him/distracts him, so her mum can press the pressure point on his shoulder and pin him down (she used to be in the police) and then the MC is mentally scarred afterwards. The episode ends with the MC sliding down her closet wall and crying her eyes out, then the next episode her friend starts to train her to defend herself because she feels helpless.

What I need to know is: should I stick with the ‘crazy guy with a gun idea’ and make it more polished or come up with a new idea that still results with her feeling helpless? If you have any other ideas/opinions, please let me know because I have no idea what to do.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I say stick with the idea… it sounds very interesting

Thank you! Do you know how I can make it a bit more polished (you don’t have to answer)?

I’m not sure… I will think about it and if I can think about it than I will let you know

Hmm I like this idea!! In terms of making it more polished… I’m not sure. Maybe a bit more backstory to this person with a gun?? Or like, is there a specific reason why he’s targeting them? Atm it just seems a bit… random. But maybe like if he’s an escaped criminal or whatever it was the mum who arrested him…
I don’t know, it’s your story after all! And it’s a really interesting idea, I’d read it! But I agree that it needs polishing, for me it’s mainly in terms of answering the whys of this situation.

Hope that helps Xx

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Ok, thanks!

OMG, that’s such a good idea! Thank you so much and I agree, I just didn’t know how to explain it.

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No problem! Glad you like it Xx

Maybe he is the brother of an person her mother shot? And maybe you can have her be scared every time someone scares her she is terrified? And that maybe she will have it her whole life only it bit less extreme? And that sometimes she sees his face out of nowhere?

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Just some ideas :woman_shrugging:

I like that idea, also. I think I’ll combine both ideas and maybe when she get’s in the zone at the gym his face keeps popping up in her mind and she ends up passing out (which she’s prone too from the main story line) or she ends up breaking her hand or something. Thanks for the idea! :blush:

No problem :heart: Glad I could help! Maybe you can get some inspiration from Speak from @J.Miley It’s an amazing story and the MC has a very traumatic experience (not going to give any spoilers) and she suffers from a lot of mental issues. And all the information of the mental health part is medical correct!

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Maybe! I’ll definitely check it out, thanks x

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