I need help with an outline LL

can someone make an outline of my character winking (waist up)?
Character details:
Brow - Arched Thin
Hair - Long Feathered
Eyes - Deepset Almond
Face - Heart Defined
Nose - Grecian Soft
Lips - Full Wide
(If i forgot any important details tell me)


Hi! I can take ur request! But is it ink or LL? And can u also pls tell me the colors of the skin,hair,brows,etc.Thank u!

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Its LL
Skin color: gold01
eyecolor: violet
brow color: black dark
hair color: brunette brown
lip color: beinge rose


Oh and can u pls tell me the clothes that her wearing?

Oh yeah sorry,

Water Proof Black Pants Leather Grey Black

Twist Top Tank Cotton Grey Light

Open Hoodie White Pull Hood Long Sleeve Jacket Cotton Grey Black

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Hi,sorry to interrupt but can u pls screenshot the character w/ her post and her outfit and character details? I can’t screenshot it cuz my tab can’t screenshot😂 sorry again

Okay I’ll get it now

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You want only a screenshot of the character or do i have to put the character details with it?

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Here’s a screenshot but then it should be waist up

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We have an art shop here, if you still haven’t got the problem solved we will be able to help you out!

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Thank u!:blush:

Is that all you need?

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Yes.And also I just finished the Outline,do u want me to make ur watermark?

Here’s the Outline tho


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Pls tell me if u want any changes!:blush:

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I love it!

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Are u hosting an Outline Contest?

No, I need it for my story

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Oh sorry…:joy:

Why sorry?

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I just thought it’s an OC so that I can join😂

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