I need help with an Overlayy

I need help with an overlay. I put it where I wanted it too, and clicked “Save And Preview” it isn’t where I placed it. Can someone help me?

Did you add a zone to it if you’re not in zone 1?

Also, if you’re using the create overlay command, make sure to add the opacity.

I did use a zone.

I didn’t know she made templates, thank you.

Could you share your code?


The code from your script where you have the problem? Can copy + paste it here or share a screenshot.

Sorry i’m kinda new, the screenshot might be small because i don’t have my laptop right now.

Add in zone 2 to the shifts to command so it’s:

@overlay OFFICE DESK shifts to -318 5 in zone 2

OR remove the shifts to and scales to command from your script and instead add the coordinates to your background so that it’s:

INT. GRAY OFFICE - DAY with OFFICE DESK to 1.000 -318 5 in zone 2 at layer 1

This is what it says, even though the overlay is in my catalog.

I think you might need to add:

@overlay OFFICE DESK opacity 1 in 0

It shows up though, just not where I put it.

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oh, my mistake!

No big deal!

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You could move it around (and change its size) using the overlay helper?

Done that, I don’t know why I’m having this problem, never had it before.

Have all errors been cleared?