I need help with animating this


I don’t understand why it’s so small and I tried spot directing it and it still the same.

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

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Did you change its code to make it bigger in the script?


That’s what I wrote I don’t know where is the mistake…

Okay, so see how at the top the bag is scaled at “1.66” yet below it, you changed the code to say it now scales to “0.55” instead? That’s your issue and why it’s becoming small.

So what should I write in the script exactly? :joy:

Delete “&overlay PUNCHBAG scales to 0.55 0.55” and the issue will stop.

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Oh… Okay I’ll try it, Thank u :blue_heart:

All G, my guy ^^

After it worked well suddenly it becomes like this

Here is the script

It looks like you scaled the punching bag so big that it covers the background. Just change it back?

No it turns out that the background is rejected :sweat_smile:

Lmao, so that’s what it looks like :joy:

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