I need Help with another dialogue error

I made a post about this already but its a different line and its saying I have a dialogue error. It says “did you forget a line of dialogue before it?” The bold line is where the error is.

choice “I look perfect!”{
goto ch_continue1

“Go back”{
goto MENU
plz help!

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I think your “I look perfect” should be a line below choice! Try
“I look perfect”{

ok the “i look perfect”{ part worked but now its say the same dialogue error with the line


Can you screenshot the whole choice

Is this the one?
Or something in the line before it says choice

You need dialogue after the label and before the choice option

On line 49:

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Do you need help with something or…??? :confused::thinking:

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Okay, so now it says "expected character or scene change. found “go back” instead. did you forget to capitalize a name or close the ( ) around the animation. What now?

Screenshot? :blush:

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On line 65
Try adding this ‘}’ before go back


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Ok one sec

Ok I think I know the problem
Remove the } you just added
And add some sort of dialogue under the choice “go back”

Just delete line 64 from this picture.

Not necessary. The script’s simply being confused by the additional space placed between the choice options.

The reason this error that you’ve just experienced exists is because choices with only one option is a real thing. Because of this, the extra space tells your script that you’ve only got one choice, and tells it to go on to the next scene or line of dialogue :slight_smile: