I need help with art for my story


I need a school lounge made will dm what I need in the lounge as the most promising person need to see pictures of previous work and will give out an ad for this work

I need art for my story

@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE you are good with backgrounds




Ok I can do it @Kelzblogs! Will be done by the end of the day as these things take time.


Can you show some of your work and do you have a story of your own as I am willing to do an AD for this work


I don’t have any ATM because it’s on my computer


Will dm you with what I want it I like it I will let you know


Looking for someone to make a school lounge for me and in return, I will offer a Book Cover or Story Advertisement I will dm you with my requierments


Episode harmony can


I can help


Do have a portfolio you can show?


Do you have a portfolio you can show?


Sure give me a minute


Here is a link to my examples


And here are so more



Also if you have insta all are on there Art_episode :grin:


Hey for my lounge

Must have pink or purple walls

White or red sofa long


Paintings one big one or two small on both sides

Words on the wall if possible say Harrowing school lounge and chill and relax

Can you do any of this


Who do you want to do this?




Doesn’t matter who just need it by 2 weeks