I need help with background characters


Does anyone have a background character template for this scene?



is it Ink or limelight


Limelight ! :slight_smile:


Okay so how do you want to make this template? Like crowded or something?


A normal high school background, maybe a couple of friends chatting in the background, someone reading a book, someone talking on the phone, simple stuff :grin::heartbeat: thank you so much for helping me!!


No Problem! I will finish it about 20 to 30 minutes or maybe early


That’s perfect!! Thanks again!! :unicorn:


XD Sorry if it took me so long I was doing something else but yes here is one that I made for you



@cut to zone 4
@GEMMA spot 0.767 255 263 in zone 4 AND GENNA faces left AND GEMMA starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@JACK spot 2.198 99 -472 in zone 4 AND JACK faces right AND JACK starts read_book_open_neutral_loop
@MIKE spot 0.857 153 228 in zone 3 AND MIKE faces right
@BRENDA spot 0.812 245 240 in zone 3 AND GENNA faces left
@GENNA spot 0.740 99 302 in zone 2 AND GENNA faces right
@BRAD spot 0.740 178 310 in zone 2 at layer 8 AND BRAD faces left
@ALEX spot 0.749 160 318 in zone 1 AND ALEX faces right
@add Binder School Open Navy Blue to JACK
@pause for a beat
@BRENDA starts talk_accuse_angry AND MIKE starts idle_awkward_scratch_loop
&pan to zone 3
@pan to zone 2 AND BRAD starts yawn_bored AND GENNA starts flirt_coy
&pan to zone 1 AND ALEX starts listen_phone_eyeroll_disgusted
@pause for 2
@EMILY enters from left to screen center THEN EMILY moves to layer 7 AND EMILY starts deepbreath
@pause for 2

You just need to change the character names and that is it, Please tell me if you want to change something and I will gladly do so! :smiley:


Thank you so so much!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: