I need help with backgrounds and overlays


In my story the main character just moved and I need to have boxes in the background (so it looks like she just moved) but I don’t know how to put boxes in the background. Help!!!


just add the boxes as overlays & put them in there


How? I clicked the button that says “Overlays” and there wasn’t any boxes. I don’t know what to do.


Never mind, I figured it out.


My background will not change to the next background I’ve added my characters in right


Can you copy your script here or take a screenshot?


and do you no how labels work sorry to be a pain


This is what I’ve got so far on choices fo outfits change


@Dara.Amarie can you help here please?


You need label MENU on line 6
also delete the () from the animation it should be @EMMA ROSE is strike_a_pose
Line 68- you need to write where the characters in entering
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left/right/center


Thank for the help but still having problems with the lable


you misspelled label


LoL :joy:


happens to all of us :sweat_smile:


Easy I’m trying to understand spot direction because my mobile don’t let me use the helper I want to move them down to just above the knees and make them a bit smaller not much can you help me