I need help with brackets

Try writing it like this:

} else {

in one line :smile:

You need to move the “else” one line up so that it’s directily under or next to the closed bracket.

hmmm what do u mean by that?

no didnt work but thank you!

Just delete the blank line 10968

The problem is you haven’t put an @ before the transition.

if its like this then it still doesnt work

I’m not 100% sure but did you forget the word “transition” in line 10986? This might trigger the error as well

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oh the line where it says @fade in black in 0.3 , i changes it and it still doesnt work

i changed it and it still doesnt work but thank u

and the @ in line 10999

It should be an @ before the word tranisition.

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ahh yes that was it! thank u aswell @bakedpotato

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Plz try putting an @ before the transition

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