I need help with bubble on writing portal

http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5226731190943744 I need help on it write portal do the bubble and he is not talk .I am going story about high horror Deady 2 need help on Deady love 1.

Please share a screenshot or copy of your script if you need help!

Can you share a picture on the script.

Yes send to now

Hi I kinda do not get the question…but I looked at your story adn it seems you are not using the scripts so onstead of character making something we see in speachbuble what animation you wanted him to do.

This is about the absolut basic.

For example if you want character to do something and he is not speaking you write:

@CHARACTERNAME is name_of_animation

If you want him to do it white he speaks:
CHARACTERNAME (name_of_animation)
Textcharacter says

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I know mass up on need some help on it

I don’t know code that why need help on I don’t mass up on this one.

I am sorry but i don’t know how to fix the problem, but if you want to you can look at Joseph Evans videos on Youtube, i am sure that he has a video that can help you fix that problem.

But it save chapter what I did .wrong I need your help on .sent you others picture

It was talk about preview 268 preview 127

You should read some guides about placing & animating characters, you’re not using the correct format for characters to talk and move :blush:

I am sorry i can’t fix the problem, i don’t know how.

Need do fix it how does it work .do .how can ink the code some one. Copy. It

Lot told me to use Cc temper

Gurl the guides have all the information you need! When a character talks and moves at the same time, it should look something like this:

    SHANE (talk_argument_angry)
This is crazy! We should make a run for it! And fast!